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Where To Go For a Long Weekend Before Christmas

BY Natalie DellaMura Blevens

Can you see it on the horizon? All bustling streets, bright lights and office parties. Yes, Christmas is coming. And with it, a tidal wave of stress, incendiary relatives and fiery hangovers. But this year, there’s no need to enter the festive season on the back foot (however well-shod). Instead, why not roll that odd day or two of remaining holiday allowance into a restorative long weekend away? The right break now will ensure you march into Yuletide rested and refreshed. Read on for our expert tips on where best to use up for your final days of annual leave.

Nashville, Tennessee, US, Where to stay: Bobby Hotel

A place nicknamed “Music City” has a reputation to uphold, and Nashville certainly delivers. Crammed with rooftop bars, hip hangouts and honky-tonks, it’s also currently seeing a surge in both boutique hotels and new restaurants (there have been more than 100 openings in the last two years). Add new direct flights from London, courtesy of British Airways, and you’ve got an outstanding contender for a long weekend Stateside.