The Design-Lover’s Guide To Nashville

If you need further proof that Nashville is a burgeoning design destination, look no further than the new Bobby Hotel, located steps away from the iconic Printer’s Alley. From the over sized wood doors that greet its guests to the majestic staircase and chandelier (made of old car parts) that center the impressive lobby—made even more impressive by marble columns, reclaimed wood walls, metallic light fixtures, and leather and velvet furniture—no design element has been overlooked by New York-based David Mexico Design Group when designing this property. (The hotel even boasts a dog ambassador, Sasha, rescued from County Road Animal Shelter; guests’ donations to that organization are welcome.) This impeccable design extends to the over sized rooms that blend boldly patterned carpeting, bright red leather bed frames, plaid blankets, and monogrammed throw pillows with wood closet walls and glass paned bathrooms—a combination that could seem kitschy under less capable hands… which these are anything but. For the best selfie setup, take the grand lobby staircase to the meeting space bathroom that has an unabashedly Instagrammable wall backdrop.