Shelter pets find work (and homes) as hotel ‘lobby dogs’

BY Natalie DellaMura Blevens

The innovative programs allow dogs to socialize, enjoy a more pampered setting, get exercise and also gain exposure to people who might not be actively seeking a pet.

Sasha, the lobby dog at the Bobby Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, is not available for adoption: The boutique hotel is her forever home. Management printed special towels for every room with the pup’s face; when guests purchase the towels, the hotel donates the proceeds to Country Road Animal Rescue, the nonprofit that rescued the dog from beneath a bridge. So far, they’ve donated over $6,000 in Sasha’s honor.

“Sasha is Bobby’s best friend, and is a member of the family,” Maya Stanic, director of marketing, told TODAY in an email. “She’s got an important job as part of the Bobby Hotel crew: being the furry companion many travelers miss when they’re on the road, and raising awareness about how awesome rescue dogs are.”