Our Team

Meet Our Team

"Ross has gained a broad perspective and perfected a uniquely comprehensive development philosophy..."

Seamus Ross

Co-founder & Managing Director

"Fee splits his time between New York and Nashville. He is also proud to be involved with several philanthropic organizations."

Kevin Fee

Co-founder & Managing Director

"With multiple hotels in one city, I believe you get more creativity and synergies that are very strong."

Ray Waters

Vice President

"[Worrell] relishes the opportunity to indulge both sides of his gregarious personality – the analytical and the creative."

Hubert Lee Worrell IV


"I studied hospitality and tourism in school, so I've always been interested in anything tourism related..."

Maya Stanic

Corporate Director of Marketing
e-Commerce & Social Engagement

"It's about attracting great people, then forging a culture where they want to stay and can thrive.”

Greg Merrick

Corporate Director of Human Resources
&Employee Engagement

"My job is basically making sure that everything works... and I love it."

Dan Moore

Corporate Director of Engineering

"...there's never a day that goes by that's dull. Every day is different. Every day I'm learning."

Natalie DellaMura Blevens

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

"I'm happy to be with a company where I can grow and really build a career."

Megan Bowers

Corporate Controller

"As the youngest guy here, I get to witness what it takes to get large hotels built, and big projects done."

Stephen Hughes

Finance Associate