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17 Hotels Around the World With Pets in Residence

BY Natalie DellaMura Blevens

Most hotel amenities involve a complimentary breakfast or a chocolate neatly placed on the pillow before bed. If you’re looking for a different kind of creature comfort, there are hotels around the world with permanent guests in the form of dogs, cats, and even flamingoes.

From New York to New Zealand, visitors can have an animal experience at their temporary home away from home. While there’s no proof that spending time with a furry friend cures jet lag, it seems to work wonders on the mood.

Bobby Hotel
What’s better than being greeted than a dog? (Hint: nothing.) When guests check into Nashville’s newest hotel, they’ll be welcomed by Sasha, Bobby Hotel’s rescued live-in dog. She likes to roam through the lobby, play with guests, and can ring the doorman’s bell on cue. You’ll never be far from the miniature pup: the bath towels in each guest room are embroidered with Sasha’s face. If you decide to take the towel, the charge will be donated to Country Road Animal Rescue, the nonprofit where Sasha was found.